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Transition to 100% Vegetable Capsules

Transition to 100% Vegetable Capsules
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Salt Lake City, UT (August 25, 2023) 4Life has offered vegetable capsules for a long time, as well as Kosher- and Halal-certified products. Yesterday, the company announced that its flagship product, 4Life® Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula, now comes exclusively in a vegetable capsule in the U.S.

As part of a broader strategy, 4Life will phase out all gelatin capsules in favor of vegetable capsules. A worldwide vegetable encapsulated product transition is in progress.

4Life Senior Vice President, Global Markets, Preston Richards: “This is a monumental undertaking, so it will hit markets at different times. Here in the U.S., our goal is to finalize the move over the next year. International markets will require longer runways due to product registrations and other complexities, but global Affiliates and customers should know that this development is on the horizon.”

Some of the company’s international markets, like India, already sell vegetable-only encapsulated products. For those markets that still utilize gelatin, this enhancement represents a significant marketplace pivot for the 25-year strong immune system nutraceutical company.

President and CEO Danny Lee: “As I travel the world, I talk to entrepreneurs in Europe, Asia, the United States, everywhere. And everywhere, vegetable capsules are a request that I hear echoed in the field. As such, we are moving forward with the full global transition to vegetable capsules without delay.”

4Life, The Immune System Company, and the first to bring 4Life Transfer Factor research to market, has offices in dozens of countries to serve its consumers around the world.

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