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New 4Life General Managers in Thailand and Indonesia

New 4Life General Managers in Thailand and Indonesia
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Salt Lake City, UT (February 28, 2024) 4Life has named two new General Managers in Southeast Asia.

As General Manager of Thailand, Pathamarat (Aim) Tonjunpong will oversee the country’s sales and operations from 4Life’s headquarters in Bangkok. In Indonesia, Kurmanto will do the same from the company’s headquarters in Jakarta.

Aim arrives at 4Life with plenty of channel experience that includes working on the corporate side as well as building a highly successful distributor business with a network that spanned Thailand, Korea, and Japan. Her special skills include sales, working well with other people, and management.

Kurmanto joins 4Life with more than twenty years of experience in direct sales with some of Indonesia’s most successful companies. His experience spans the disciplines of operations; marketing; sales, including pricing, product, and compensation plan strategy; license and product registration; leadership training; events and recognition; logistics; and more.

Aim earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration. Kurmanto earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration and financial management. Aim speaks Thai and English. Kurmanto speaks English, Indonesian, and Chinese.

Senior Vice President of Asian Markets Dave Nash: “I’m excited to welcome these two seasoned professionals to the 4Life family. They each bring industry knowledge and success to their new roles, as well as a desire to forward our mission of superior science, Affiliate success, philanthropic service, and customer satisfaction wherever 4Life conducts business around the world.”

4Life, The Immune System Company, and the first to bring 4Life Transfer Factor research to market, has offices in dozens of countries to serve its consumers around the world.

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