4Life Europe re-inaugurates its office 9/30/2019
4Life Europe re-inaugurates its office
Barcelona, 30th September 2019. Last Friday 27th September we celebrated with the foremost European market leaders the re-opening of our Barcelona offices after the constructions. In the new facilities, 4Life entrepreneurs are going to be able to develop their businesses in a grow-oriented environment where opportunity and Transfer Factor products' advantages will be crucial.

During the day we offered the workshops "The Big Three: Learn, Share and Grow" and "How to Attract Prospects and make your business grow with social media", with Eda Padua, Marketing and Communications Manager at 4Life Europe, and Thiago Rossette, International Marketing Specialist at 4Life USA. On the other side, nutritionist Vanesa León imparted the product workshop "Create your 4LifeStyle routines with 4Life products". Our commitment is to keep constant training and to make use of these new facilities to impart different useful workshops to help our entrepreneurs grow.

In the closing toast, International Vicepresident for Europe, India and emerging markets Preston Richards stated: "I'm impressed with the result of all these hard-working months. Space is now arranged more efficiently, and entrepreneurs will develop their business in a professional, modern workspace.

4Life has offices in 25 markets around the world to serve a global network of independent entrepreneurs and consumers.

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