4Life Earns NSF International’s Good Manufacturing Practices Registration 9/11/2017
4Life Earns NSF International’s Good Manufacturing Practices Registration
4Life Research executives announced the company’s manufacturing facilities have received NSF International’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Registration.

Earning GMP Registration from NSF International verifies that 4Life’s facilities have the proper methods, equipment, and controls in place for producing dietary supplement products. The NSF GMPs were developed in accordance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) 21 CFR part 111 regulation on dietary supplement manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. Utilizing NSF GMP guidelines, companies develop and maintain proper controls in their manufacturing process so that products are processed, manufactured, and labeled in a consistent manner and meet quality standards.

President and CEO Steve Tew: “NSF GMP Registration of 4Life’s manufacturing facilities now provides distributors with a well-recognized, third-party endorsement of our commitment to the highest quality products and greatest customer satisfaction.”

Through NSF International’s GMP Registration Program, 4Life’s manufacturing facilities are now independently registered as meeting GMP requirements.

Founder and Chairman of the Board David Lisonbee: “Our new NSF International GMP Registration expresses 4Life’s long-standing commitment to quality in every step of the manufacturing process.”

4Life’s manufacturing facilities give the company start-to-finish control over batching, blending, encapsulating and packaging of primary 4Life Transfer Factor Products.

General Manager of Dietary Supplements, Sports Nutrition and Beverage Quality at NSF International Dr. Cheryl Luther: “NSF International welcomes 4Life’s manufacturing facilities as GMP registered facilities. NSF International is the most rigorous GMP program available.”

4Life has offices in 24 markets to serve a global network of independent distributors and their customers.

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