Effective from September 1st, 2020
A Loyalty Program order is an order automatically placed by the system, complying with the terms and conditions described below.
    1. Signing up for the Loyalty Program is possible only through the website (www.4life.com) or the 4Life Business App. It won’t be possible to manage anything related to this program over the phone. As an exception, only people who do not have Internet access may request help to our Customer Service to carry out procedures related to their Loyalty Program over the phone. In this case, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), only the holder of the account is authorized to sign up and to manage a regular Loyalty Program order.
    2. You can subscribe to and unsubscribe from the Loyalty Program at any time, through 4life.com or 4Life Business App.
    3. Distributors and Preferred Customers enrolled in the Loyalty Program obtain 15% in Product Credits that can be redeemed for products of their choice among the products currently available.
    4. Distributors and Preferred Customers need to maintain at least a monthly Loyalty Program order of 50 LP to earn Product Credits and be able to redeem points.
    5. Product Credits do not have an expiration date, even after unsubscribing from the Loyalty Program. In this case, the Product Credits will be saved in the distributor or Preferred Customer’s account and you can use them when you reactivate your Loyalty Program.
    6. Distributors and Preferred Customers must maintain a monthly Loyalty Program order of 125 LP to receive the bonus product of the month, which will be shipped and delivered along with the next Loyalty Program order. The bonus product won’t be lost even if you unsubscribed from the Loyalty Program; it will be sent once the Loyalty Program is reactivated, as long as the last order meets the requirements to receive it.
    7. Loyalty Program orders can only be changed via the web up to 48 hours before the date when the monthly Loyalty Program order is created. After then, no changes can be made to the delivery address, holder, shipping method, content of products or redeemed items.
    8. Distributors or Preferred Customers may choose a specific day to place a Loyalty Program order starting between the 1st and 20th of each month. Yet, the company may reserve the right to block the availability of some of these days for exceptional circumstances.
    9. On some days, Loyalty Program orders’ deliveries may be delayed due to operational limitations.
    10. Loyalty Program orders are automatically generated by the system, and thus can only be paid by VISA or Mastercard.
    11. New distributors and Preferred Customers earn Product Credits on all orders made during the first month of product purchases —subject to defined limits—, as long as the new distributor or Preferred Customer subscribes to the Loyalty Program at the end of that first month. After the first month of purchases, Product Credits will only be earned on Loyalty Program orders.
    12. In order to earn Product Credits, the payment for the related Loyalty Program orders must have been successfully confirmed. If a Loyalty Program order is returned, the Product Credits for that order will be lost and shall be recovered.
    13. Distributors and Preferred Customers already enrolled in the Loyalty Program can begin redeeming Product Credits 60 days after their first Loyalty Program order has been confirmed.
    14. New distributors and Preferred Customers that subscribe to the Loyalty Program can begin redeeming Product Credits 60 days after they place their first Loyalty Program order.
    15. A maximum of 75 LP can be earned in Product Credits each month.
    16. There is no annual accumulation limit for Product Credits, since they do not expire.
    17. Product Credits have no cash redemption value and are not transferable.
    18. Product Credits can only be redeemed for individual products, but never for promotions.
    19. New products won’t be available for redemption until 6 months after their launch.
    20. Redeeming Product Credits is possible only through the website (www.4life.com) or the 4Life Business App, at least 48 hours before orders are generated.
    21. Products that are redeemed with accumulated Product Credits are only shipped or delivered with the next Loyalty Program order.
    22. Products that are redeemed with Product Credits cannot be returned or exchanged for others.
    23. A charge of €4 plus taxes will be applied to each order in which Products Credits are redeemed (see attached table)*.
    24. Taxes may be applied to redemption charges, surcharges, orders with redeemed Product Credits and the bonus product of the month.
    25. Products that are redeemed with Product Credits don’t have an LP value nor are valid to qualify for higher ranks.
    26. 4Life Fortify™ package cannot be included in Loyalty Program orders.
    27. Unconfirmed Loyalty Program orders do not count as a fulfilled requirement for the Builder Bonus program.
    28. Distributors or Preferred Customers must access their account through www.4life.com or the 4Life Business App if they wish to unsubscribe from the Loyalty Program.